18 for 18: Looking Back on a Great Year!

As we count down to the new year, my staff and I reflected on the last twelve months together. We wanted to share 18 photos from 2018. Thank you Salt Lake City and Happy New Year!

Airport Topping

Flying High: The @slcairport project is on-time and on budget (w/out a single tax-payer $). This year we “topped off” the steel structure & announced new local vendors who will be a part of #TheNewSLC


Jobs for All: In 2018 our @slcecondev team was busy helping biz of all size move or expand in #SLC, including Amazon. Since 2016 we’ve added almost 9,000 jobs to the economy w/ avg wage of $60K +

CC Building Stone

Preserving History: After two years of construction, we completed the renovation of City Hall. This building is the heart of #SLC and a reminder of our role as the Capital City of Utah! http://bit.ly/2CIbvqq


Arts for All: In 2018 we launched the new #ColorSLC program & Arts for All to help bring art to everyone in our City. Expect to see more colorful utility boxes around town in the year to come! http://bit.ly/2SpK2zf

Fire Station

Zeroing Out Pollution: #SLC opened the 2ndnet-zero fire station in USA this year w/ @slcfire station 3. A part of our plan to reduce emissions from City buildings to help reach our 100% #cleanenergy goal! http://bit.ly/2Amno3W

Framing Pilot

Building Opportunity: Celebrated with the 1stclass of the @slcecondev framing project, which provides those experiencing homelessness the chance to learn a trade in our booming construction industry. http://bit.ly/2VoYvgy


Road Work Ahead: At long last #SLC has a plan & the resources to address our crumbling roads. New crews & equipment are purchased to allow us to DOUBLE the lane miles we care for & w/ new bond funding, we will begin to breathe new life into our worst roads. http://bit.ly/2EZkBBo


A Place for All: Our #affordablehousing efforts are making a difference. A new housing plan, more ongoing funding & partnerships have meant an increase in affordable units in #SLC. In 2015 we had 200 affordable units in the pipeline, today we have 2,000 – and more to come! http://bit.ly/2QYSSqZ


Rise Up: We joined with students across the nation as they marched for their lives and those around them. Our efforts got hundreds of students registered in time for the November election (and beyond). http://bit.ly/2LFKXJm

N Temple Station

Safety First: With 81 new @slcpd officers trained, we are increasing safety in every neighborhood. New efforts like the N. Temple substation are helping reduce crime—down 20% citywide in 2018!

Pay Equity Policy

Fair Pay: This year, #SLC took the lead by adopting a Pay Equity Policy. This policy ensures the #womenwholead in our City are paid fairly for the work they do.  http://bit.ly/2LF1RYq

Pet Ordinance

Puppy Love: With the @slccouncil, we adopted a policy to ban the sale of dogs/cats/rabbits unless the animals were obtained from a shelter. A City for Everyone includes our furry friends too! http://bit.ly/2ChkPlf

Refugee Pics

Welcoming City: In the face of hurtful actions by the Trump Admin, #SLC continued to show the true face of refugees. Our Know Your Neighbor project has paired hundreds of volunteers w/ new Americans in our area. http://bit.ly/2CGV51r


UN in SLC: In a historic decision, #SLC was selected to be the 1stCity in the USA to host the @UNDPI conference in 2019. The largest & most diverse UN Conference will bring thousands of people to discuss #resilient & #sustainable cities. http://bit.ly/2Ndnkb5


Getting Around: From scooters to better passes, 2018 brought more opportunities for residents to ditch their cars! A partnership with @rideuta & new funding will bring expanded bus service to #SLC in 2019—including Sunday service!


Climate Action: With partners like @usmayors and @sierraclub #SLC has been leading the effort on #climatechange. Thanks to this work, this year the 100thUS city pledged to move to 100% #cleanenergy like SLC! http://bit.ly/2F04eVl

Gladiola Start

Funding Our Future: With plans in place & the support of residents, we made the largest funding commitments for housing, transit, roads, & safety in decades. These new funds will help #SLC control our own destiny & build a City for Everyone. http://bit.ly/2s1olK8

USOC Announcment

America’s Choice: It was the call we wanted to get. After years of work, #SLC was selected by @TeamUSA to be America’s choice for a future Winter Games. We are ready, willing, & able to welcome the world once again! http://bit.ly/2VlYw4Y

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