2018 Street Repairs

Busted street 2

Road repair season has begun, and Salt Lake City’s Streets and Engineering divisions have rolled out a robust schedule for maintaining and replacing winter-weary streets.

From spring through fall seasons, with weather permitting, surface treatment will be applied on 75 to 90 miles of City streets. On average, City streets crews fill over 21,000 pot holes annually.

This year, Engineering will continue to focus on implementing preservation strategies such as overlays, which consist of applying a new layer of asphalt over pavements to seal their surface and prolong their lifespan. This approach helps reduce costly maintenance repairs in the future.

The 2018 list of overlay projects include:

  • 1200 East: from 600 South to 800 South
  • 1500 East: from 900 South to 1300 South
  • 1700 South: from 1700 East to 1900 East
  • 2100 East: from 1700 South to Parkway Avenue
  • 2500 East: from 2100 South to Foothill Drive
  • Downington Avenue: from 2500 East to Foothill Drive

Engineering will also be reconstructing streets that have reached the end of their lifespan and no longer qualify for overlays or seals. Some of them will be upgraded with new underground water lines as part of their scopes of work.

The 2018 list of reconstruction projects include:

  • Genesee Avenue from 900 West to 1000 West
  • Simpson Avenue from Wyoming Street to Broadmoor Street
  • Wilmington Avenue from 2000 East to 2100 East
  • Gladiola Street from 500 South to 900 South
  • Wilmington Avenue from Highland Drive to 1300 East in Sugar House

Streets truck 1

In addition to these projects, Engineering will also perform maintenance activities including slurry seals and chip seals. Slurry seals consist of applying a mixture of water, liquid asphalt and fine rock particles over asphalt pavements to protect them. Similarly, chip seals consist of applying a combination of liquid asphalt, additives and small crushed rocks to bind cracked pavement and prevent water intrusion. These surface treatments typically take one to two days to complete.

Salt Lake City Streets and Engineering teams recognize that while residents welcome infrastructure repairs, the work presents drivers with delays. Both work hard to minimize access issues by delivering flyers to homes, usually a month in advance, a few days before the start date, and then the morning repairs begin.

These projects are funded under the FY18 City budget, which ends on June 30th. Mayor Biskupski’s FY19 recommended budget, which allocates millions of dollars to fix and replace streets, sidewalks, and infrastructure, is currently under review by the City Council. By state law, the Council must adopt a budget by June 22, 2017. Click here to read the Mayor’s recommended budget.

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