Happy 120th Birthday SLCPL!

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Today, Mayor Jackie Biskupski proclaimed “Public Library Day” in the Capital City, in honor of the Salt Lake City Public Library’s 120th birthday. Mayor Biskupski was joined by Library Executive Director Peter Bromberg, City Council Member Chris Wharton, and members of the community in celebration of this historic milestone.

“For over 120 years, the Salt Lake City Public Library has been a repository of culture, art, and knowledge for anyone walking through its doors,” said Mayor Biskupski. “No matter how technology may change, our library will innovate and grow, standing the test of time to maintain its creed: bringing people together.

Founded on February 14, 1898, the City Library began with 11,910 volumes housed on the top floor of the City and County Building. The library system now contains more than 750,000 items across eight branch locations. In addition to open access to information and services, the library system boasts technology such as 3D printers, laptop computers, and WiFi hotspots. The library serves as a community classroom, building community and fostering the exchange of ideas.


The celebration was marked by a large birthday cake with 120 candles, highlighting the Library’s rich history since it began in 1898. A performance of “Happy Birthday” by Librarian Cherie Willis occurred as the candles were lit and blown out.


“Here’s to another 120 years!” said Mayor Biskupski, as she signed the proclamation. Below is the official text:

WHEREAS, the Free Public Library of Salt Lake City was founded on February 14, 1898, with 11,910 volumes housed on the top floor of the City and County Building; and

WHEREAS, over the last 120 years, The City Library has grown to serve all corners of Salt Lake City with beloved libraries, located in the neighborhoods of Poplar Grove, Sugar House, the Foothills, Rose Park, the Avenues, Glendale, and Marmalade; and

WHEREAS, boasting a collection of more than 750,000 items, The City Library serves as a dynamic civic resource offering free and open access to information, materials, and services that advances knowledge, spurs creativity, and builds community to all who pass through its doors; and

WHEREAS, as technology has changed rapidly in its 120-year history, The City Library continues to develop creative, innovative, and engaging ways to serve Salt Lake City’s 21st century information needs; and

WHEREAS, The City Library serves as a vital gathering place, a community classroom where everyone is welcome, fostering the exchange of ideas and civic discourse; and

WHEREAS, The City Library has stood the test of time, demonstrating its position as a foundational institution of Salt Lake City.

NOW, THEREFOREI, Jacqueline M. Biskupski, Mayor of Salt Lake City, do hereby proclaim February 14, 2018 as:

 Salt Lake City Public Library Day

AND encourage all residents to join me in celebrating the City Library’s history of enriching lives for the past 120 years, and to look forward to the next century of innovation and learning.



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