2017 Look Back: Top photos from a year of success!

From affordable housing, clean energy, homelessness, economic development, fighting for public lands, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our City’s immigrants, refugees, and marginalized communities, 2017 has been a year of action–and success. Here are some of our favorite moments:

In January, the House of Hope choir, comprised of women overcoming addiction, provided us with a special performance. As we were in the midst of working with the community to embrace the new resource center model for those experiencing homelessness, these women were the perfect example of why this work is so important.
Chief Karl Lieb was officially sworn in to lead the fine men and women of the Salt Lake City Fire Department. Chief Lieb was selected because of his knowledge, leadership, and his dedication to enhance SLCFD through programs that encourage the recruiting of diverse people and to strengthen the City’s readiness.
We marched in solidarity through the streets of Salt Lake City as the Federal Administration attacked our refugee and immigrant neighbors. Together we said with one voice: Salt Lake City is a welcoming city!
Together with Chief Mike Brown, Rep. Angela Romero, Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Sen. Luz Escamilla, and Rep. Mark Wheatley, and community groups, Salt Lake City said with one voice that we will not allow our police department to enforce federal immigration laws. Our police are here to ensure everyone in our City can live in peace, and feel comfortable enough to work with our officers to report crimes. More…
As the Vice Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Alliance for a Sustainable Future, and Co-Chair of the Sierra Club’s Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, Mayor Biskupski helped lead the conversation on climate change. The #ClimateMayors movement resulted in more than 100 new commitments from cities to go 100% by 2035 and a joint resolution by the Conference of Mayors supporting and encouraging efforts to transition. More…
In 2016, the City and County launched Operation Diversion, which demonstrated what could be done with more resources and an individual approach which provided help for those in need of treatment, and jail for those committing crimes. With significant help from the State, this year we were able to expand that program with Operation Rio Grande. We have additional jail beds, more treatment beds, expanded Medicaid, and increased service options.
We ‘choo-choo-choose’ Salt Lake City! Stadler Rail was one of many companies, including Amazon, that have found a home in Salt Lake City thanks to our new Department of Economic Development. Over the last year and a half (as long as they’ve been in business), this team has helped create more than 6,000 jobs with an average wage of $66,000, and almost half a BILLION in capital investment in Salt Lake City! More…
GrowingSLC Vote Press Conference 4
After more than a year of work, we were finally able to say that the City’s first affordable housing plan in 17 years is ‘sign, sealed, and delivered.’ This was one of the biggest priorities for the Biskupski Administration, because a home is the most stabilizing factor in communities. We have already begun implementing the plan and will work diligently through 2018 to ensure the 5-year plan creates new opportunity for Salt Lake City. More…
Salt Lake City dedicated itself to helping those experiencing homelessness like never before. The first annual Project Homeless Connect was just one example of all we are doing to help bring hope and opportunity to those in need. This one day event matched hundreds of volunteers and service providers, with nearly a thousand individuals experiencing homelessness.
Throughout the year, we have been fighting to preserve Utah’s magnificent public lands. While we lost some of the fights, the battle is far from over. Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante are sacred and deserve the greatest amount of protection. In 2018, we will continue our efforts to preserve this greatest legacy and responsibility we have as Utahns. More…
Activist Kate Kendall and philanthropist Bruce Bastian were presented with “Keys to the City” for their decades of work fighting for the civil rights of LGBT people and those with HIV. Both from Utah, Kate and Bruce used their energy and passion to make a difference nationwide. More…
Making sure it is safe for residents, Mayor Biskupski takes one of the first rides on the City’s new pump track before celebrating another “Mayor’s Bike to Work Day.”

Then there are the times when kids get involved….




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