A unique voice for UTA

Today, Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced Alex Cragun as her pick to represent Salt LakeAlex Cragun City on the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Board of Trustees, subject to the advice and consent of the Salt Lake City Council.

Alex has been a lifelong user of public transit and helped found the Utah Transit Riders Union, which has advocated for late night, weekend, and holiday service improvements. Alex also helped develop the Community Advisory Committee at UTA.

“I got involved with advocacy around transit because I was seeing first-hand people getting stranded and having to walk hours to get home at certain times,” said Alex. “I also agree that in order to make the changes riders desperately need, UTA needs to build additional trust with the community to secure funding.”

Mayor Biskupski has stressed the importance of having a strong voice for Salt Lake City and for increased transparency on the UTA Board. She is impressed with Alex’s transit advocacy background and his willingness to speak out on issues of concern to riders and taxpayers alike.

“As a transit user, Alex brings a unique voice to the UTA Board,” said Mayor Biskupski on the nomination. “Over the years, Alex has not only spoken out when he has seen troubling actions, he has taken a direct role in helping UTA focus on what matters: rider satisfaction.”

In announcing Alex Cragun, Mayor Biskupski also cited Salt Lake City’s Transit Master Plan, which was released in draft form last year, as well as her previous nomination of Sen. Jim Dabakis, which was ultimately blocked by the City Council.

“If we are going to get people out of cars and onto buses and trains, we are going to need everyone helping to build a stronger and trusted UTA,” said Mayor Biskupski. “The passion Sen. Jim Dabakis brought to this issue recently—which I am certain will not fade—along with the City’s Transit Master Plan, interest from the City Council, and with Alex on the Board, it is clear, all eyes are on better transit in Salt Lake City.”

Alex Cragun served as a Board Member of the Utah Transit Riders Union from 2014-2016, as well as the Community Transit Advisory Committee from 2015-2017. Alex is also involved with the Emerging Leaders Initiative.

Alex currently works as the Public Affairs Coordinator for Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH).

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