A Safer 500 West

Creating equity and opportunity are at the core of our efforts to move people from homelessness to housing. In the coming year, Salt Lake City will target more than $2.1 million dollars to assist agencies with service needs and to fund mitigation efforts surrounding the downtown shelter. Additional funding will be prioritized to make infrastructure changes and to support law enforcement efforts, including the social workers at the Community Connections Center (CCC).

In the coming months, the City, County, and service providers will continue to collaborate to address concerns surrounding the area. These include infrastructure changes, and efforts to move the most vulnerable populations out of the downtown shelter. Safety for those who live and work in the area, including those experiencing homelessness is our top priority.

IMG_3571 2
Click here to view a complete map of changes to the Rio Grande neighborhood

For the City’s part, we have proposed the northern end of median along 500 West to be converted into secured parking for the Community Connection Center (CCC) and for the police substation. This space is needed for SLCPD officers and social workers, and will help disrupt criminal behavior in the area. The area under consideration sits directly between the downtown shelter and the CCC, and is an area of heavy criminal activity. Placing the secure parking lot in this area will help disperse the criminal element, making it easier for those in need to get help at the CCC.

The Salt Lake City Police Department will also be installing four high-definition video cameras along the 500 West medians, with signs alerting those in the area that they are under surveillance. These cameras will allow SLCPD officers to identify drug dealers, and record license plates of those traveling to the area to buy drugs.

These changes are in addition to the new lighting and other changes implemented last year.

Click here to view a map of all changes in the Rio Grande neighborhood

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