Accepting the call

Scott Freitag photo

Scott Freitag reappointed as Director of Salt Lake City’s 911 Bureau

Mayor Biskupski has reappointed Scott Freitag Director of Salt Lake City’s 911 Bureau. Scott has led Salt Lake City 911, the state’s largest emergency communications bureau with more than 650,000 calls annually, since May 2012.

“Scott has stepped up quickly and responsively to address pressing needs we have identified within our 911 emergency communications system,” said Mayor Biskupski. “The work to improve will continue under his leadership and I feel fully confident in reappointing him as 911 Bureau Director for Salt Lake City.”

Shortly after assuming office in January, Mayor Biskupski directed the 911 Bureau, the Salt Lake City Fire Department, and the Salt Lake City Police Department to collaborate on a 90-day plan to increase service, efficiency, and to end mandatory overtime for overworked 911 dispatchers. Each agency complied, and initial results of their efforts can be seen here:

Under Scott’s direction this year, the 911 Bureau has moved eight people out of training and currently has seven in training. SLCPD and the Bureau are collaborating on a pilot platform to cut time spent relaying call information so officers can respond more rapidly on scene. He has led out on the adoption of a countywide, computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) that will be formally announced in a joint unveiling with Salt Lake County next week.

“SLC 911 has made great strides in developing a world-class operation, which includes all of the latest technologies and systems. I’m thrilled to be reappointed and look forward to continuing serving on Mayor Biskupski’s team,” Scott said.

“I’m especially pleased that our 911 Bureau has taken a leading role in the acquisition and implementation of the new CAD and records management system. These new programs will connect all 911 dispatch centers within Salt Lake County, with all of them operating on the same systems with the same protocols. This move will save lives, time, and money.”

Scott has spent his entire professional career with Salt Lake City, beginning as a research analyst for the Fire Department in 1995. His background includes 11 years in media relations work and emergency management for the Fire Department. He became Interim Director of the 911 Bureau in September 2011 and was appointed Director in May 2012.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from Weber State University in 1996. He is certified as a paramedic and emergency medical technician.

Scott lives in Layton with his wife of 26 years, Tammy. They are the parents of four children, ages 14 to 23. They also share their life with a 5-year-old American Eskimo dog, Eskie. Scott’s other interests include travel, skiing, motorcycle riding, and spending as much time as possible in Utah’s spectacular mountains. Scott has also served on the Layton City Council since 2007.

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