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SLCPD Officer Ben Hone
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Annual Police Awards celebrate SLC officers and civilians who go above and beyond

Police Officer Ben Hone responded to cries for help from a Salt Lake City home and entered it alone, having realized it might be too late to assist if he waited for backup. He rescued two terrified women who might otherwise have lost their lives to a fugitive criminal hiding inside.

Karla Bartholomew, an employee of the Environmental Health Division of the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, works hand-in-hand with Salt Lake City Police in keeping downtown clean and free of health hazards.

Joshua Earl, a private citizen, intervened as a man teetered on the edge of a fourth-story apartment balcony, threatening to jump. Ignoring his own fear of heights, Joshua climbed a nearby fire escape, stepped onto the balcony and wrapped his arm around the man, preventing his jump while police officers grabbed and pulled him to safety.

These are just three of the police officers and civilians whose acts of bravery and community service are being honored on May 17 at the SLCPD’s 36th Annual Police Awards Luncheon in Salt Lake City at the City Creek Marriot Hotel. The ceremony is held each year in conjunction with National Police Week (May 15 -21).

For her collaboration with the police in helping to keep Salt Lake City clean and safe for all, Karla Bartholomew is receiving the Mayor’s Award from Mayor Jackie Biskupski.

“I am deeply honored to participate in this event and to help recognize the incredible service of Karla and all of these individuals,” Mayor Jackie Biskupski said. “Our police officers regularly sacrifice their own lives and safety in the line of duty. And civilians like Karla sacrifice their time and energy every day to keep our city working well. Each person in their own way has made Salt Lake City a safer, healthier, and more inviting community.”

Added Police Chief Mike Brown: “The Salt Lake City Police Department has a long-standing tradition of serving the largest city in the state with honor and integrity. Most of the time, we work from case to case, call to call, without thanks or notice from those we serve. But once a year, we take time from our busy schedules to recognize the outstanding work and exceptional dedication to serve that reflect great credit upon our officers, squads, and department. The annual awards remind us of all the good work that is done each and every day that largely goes unnoticed.”

A total of 26 awards are given, covering everything from dramatic police rescues to quiet acts of everyday kindness and good citizenship. The Awards Luncheon is held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake City Rotary Foundation.

Each year, Police Week celebrates the courage, valor, and professionalism of law enforcement officials and agencies across the United States. President Barak Obama has issued an official presidential proclamation in honor of all police officers and their civilian support staffs.


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