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How to Tap Someone’s Cell Phone With Just the Number?

With the advancement of technology, it has become relatively easy to tap into someone’s cell phone remotely. You do not need to have the most advanced computer system or extensive knowledge of hacking. In fact, all you need is an app that allows tapping into a cell phone from anywhere you are.

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There are a ton of reasons why you might want to learn how to tap someone’s cell phone; it could be to protect your children from pornographic content, track the activities of your employees to assess their productivity, or even monitor the activities of your partner if you suspect they might be cheating on you.

Whatever your reasons are, this article will focus on how to tap a cell phone remotely, and you’ll be aware of how easy it is to tap a cell phone!

Why Might You Want to Tap Someone Else’s Phone?

There are a lot of reasons to tap a cell phone’s conversations, and here are the most common ones.

Parental control: With the growing menace of pop-up ads and clickbait, it is easier to discover pornographic content than ever before. There are millions of educational resources available for children online, but the Internet is still a scary place half of the time. This is why it is essential for you as a parent or guardian to tap a cell phone and monitor their activities without fighting over the invasion of privacy.

Business efficiency: Several firms have suffered unfortunate liquidation of assets simply because staff members chose to be unproductive at work. But knowing how to tap a phone without touching it of your employees gives you an idea of how productive they are during working hours. With this information, you can create a team of dedicated and focused individuals in your workplace, boosting productivity.

Cheating spouses: Your partner is behaving suspiciously – don’t feel bad for trying to know why. Is your partner spending too much time talking to someone else on the phone? Is your partner constantly preventing you from using their phone? Is your partner deleting recent chats and messages? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you should definitely learn how to tap your partner’s cell phone.

How to Tap a Cell Phone Without Touching It?

As earlier mentioned, to tap cell phone conversations, all you need is a mobile app. There are several options available for Android and iPhone users. Hence, your cell phone’s model or that of the phone you want to tap is not a problem.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Android and iPhone apps to use in tapping a cell phone!

Best Apps to Tap a Cell Phone


mSpy is a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It can be used to tap all phone calls, view media files, read text messages, view social media history, and see the user’s location. 

How to Use mSpy to Tap a Cell Phone Without Touching It?

Step 1. Visit the mSpy official website, and buy the subscription plan of your choice.

Step 2. Create an account, accept the terms of use, and choose if you would like to use mSpy in stealth mode. This determines if you want it to be wholly unnoticeable or not.

Step 3. Get your login credentials in your email, and then type in your registration code.

Step 4. Log in to your Control Panel and tap into the cell phone of your choice.


TTSPY is one of the best mobile apps for tapping phones, and it is available to iPhone and Android users. With this app, you can monitor any cell phone activities, track locations through a pre-installed GPS, and control the cell phone remotely. The app offers web-filtering, screen time control, and an application checking option. The screen time and app check options allow you to set application limits, monitor browsing history, and manage the sort of content your child partner or employee sees.

How to Use TTSPY?

Using TTSPY is very easy, and here are 4 simplified steps to follow.

Step 1. Download the app. It requires no special modification of your phone’s settings.

Step 2. Create an account. After this, sign in and make sure it works correctly.

Step 3. Choose the device you’d like to monitor.

Step 4. Connect 2 devices. After this, you will see a console with other options. Simply choose the one that suits your needs. 

How to Tap a Cell Phone With Just the Number? 

Tapping a cell phone with just a mobile number requires one solution, the Spy Dialer. The Spy Dialer is a search engine where you type in the phone number, and it comes up with information about the person and their phone.

However, since this one is a free tool, it does not come with as many features as paid platforms like mSpy.

What Are Free Cell Phone Tapping Apps?

Worried about paying for these apps? Here are some free tools to help you get started:

  • Spy Dialer
  • Zabasearch
  • GuestSpy


Now that you know how to tap someone’s phone, what are you waiting for? You no longer have to live in doubt or makeup scenarios in your head. You can simply take a step and have all the information at your fingertips.